The Board of The International Society for Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Board member 2014-2015 2015-2017
President  Hilary Bollan   Robert Ewing 
President Elect  Robert Ewing   Wolfgang Vautz
Past President  Pierre Pilon  Hilary Bollan 
Secretary  Vince McHugh  Maggie Tam
Treasurer  Tom Limero  Tom Linmero / Brian Clowers
Webmaster  Osmo Anttalainen  Osmo Anttalainen
Sponsorship Coordinator  Herb Hill  Herb Hill
Nomination Officer  Paul Rauch  Hartwig Schmidt
Technical program Officer    Wollfgang  Paul Rauch
Journal Editor  Joerg Ingo Baumbach  Joerg Ingo Baumbach
Member at large 1  Hartwig Schmidt  Lorudes Arce
Member at large 2  Stefan Zimmermann  Stefan Zimmermann
Member at large 3  Vacant  Francisco Fernandez-Lima
Ex officio member  Steve Harden  Steve Harden
Ex officio member  Gary Eiceman   Gary Eiceman 
Ex officio member   Paul Thomas   Paul Thomas 
Ex officio member   Dave Atkinson   Dave Atkinson 
Ex officio member  Vince McHugh
Ex officio member  Pierre Pilon