ISIMS 2018 Monday July 23

7:30-8:15 Registration Open
8:00 - 8:15 Welcome to ISIMS 2018 Wolfgang Vautz, ISIMS President
8:15 - 8:30 Welcome to Canada
8:30 - 8:40 This is Calgary Pierre Pilon 
8:40 - 8:50 ISIMS business - Call for nominations Hartwig Schmidt 
8:50-9.05 TBD
Session 1 History & Air monitoring
9:05-9:30 From bench to battlefield—the last field qualification for the Chemical Agent Monitor before acceptance into the inventory of the Ministry of Defence (UK)  Abigail Eiceman
9:30-9:55 Results from the U.S. Navy Submarine Sea Trial of the NASA Air Quality Monitor  Thomas Limero
9:55-10:20 Who needs ion gates? Characterization of a compact, modulated x-ray source for ion mobility spectrometry  Brian Clowers
10:20-10:50 Break
Session 2  IMS-MS #1
10:50-11:15  MALDI matrix cluster ions: from low mass interferences to potential for internal references in ion mobility mass spectrometry  Norman Chiu
11:15-11:40  Development of a compact 0.1 km ion mobility platform  Yehia Ibrahim
11:40-12.05  Current trends during TIMS analysis of biomolecules  Francisco Fernandez-Lima
12:05-13:30 Lunch
Session 3 Fundamentals #1
13:30-13:55  Ion fragmentation at ambient pressure in strong electric fields in tandem IMS drift tube with mobility selection of ion peaks - toward significantly reduced rates of false positive response in ETDS  Gary Eiceman
13:55-14:20  Study of thermal decomposition of chloride adduct of PETN using nebulizer-side flow ion mobility spectrometry  Bhupendra Gurung
14:20-14:45  Ionization-based separation for ion mobility and mass spectrometry  Mahmoud Tabrizchi
14:45-15:15 Break
Session 4 Applications of IMS #1
15:15-15:40  Detection of trace amounts of fentanyl analogs and narcotics using the IONSCAN™ 600  Reno DeBono
15:40-16:05  Differential mobility spectrometry in trace forensic analyses from surfaces  Theresa Evans-Nguyen
16:05-16:30  Detection Opioids and Other Illicit Drugs Using Existing Ion Mobility Spectrometry Detectors Operating at Ambient Temperature  Vincent McHugh
16:30-16:55  A laser-based field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometer for detection of explosives  Gennadii Kotkovskii




Wenjie Liu