Guest Program


The 250 USD guest registration fee, age 12 and up, includes:

  • the Registration Reception
  • the Monday morning trip (Old Town - Warsaw)
  • the Tuesday morning trip (Lazienki Park and Palace)
  • the Wednesday morning Networking Event
  • the Wednesday evening Conference Dinner
  • the Thursday morning trip (Pultusk - small town in Mazowsze region)

Date Guest registration
Sunday July 23 Registration Reception
Monday July 24 Trip to Old Town - program starts at 9 am.
Tuesday July 25 Trip to Lazienki Park and Palace
Wednesday July 26

Trip to Wilanow Park and Palace

Conference Dinner

Thursday July 27 Trip to Pultusk
Friday July 28

Excursion to Torun (facultative).

The price (45USD) is not included in the registration fee.
For more information, see Info for Visitors