ISIMS 2019 Thursday August 1th

Session 1 IMS-MS Chair: Brian Hauck
8:30-8:55 Desktop Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometer for Rapid Molecular Identification Ching Wu 

Development of a Flexible, Non-Linear Ion Beam Modulation Strategy

to Maximize Ion Throughput

Tobias Reinecke 

Structures of ceria and their composite cluster ions as amodel of

oxidation catalysts

Fuminori Misaizu 
9:45-10:00 ISIMS business - Voting on Nominees Hartwig Schmidt 
10:00-10:20  Break
Session 2 Applications of IMS #3  Chair Andreas Walte 
10:20-10:45 Communication of mycoparasites by volatile compounds  Veronika Ruzsanyi 
10:45-11:10 Bat Booster Control in Table Tennis Wolfgang Vautz 
11:10-11:35 Comprehensive analysis of refill solutions of electronics cigarettes by HS-GCxIMS Alexander L.R.M. Surminski 
11:35-13:00 Lunch 
Session 3  Metabolic / Pharmaceutical Applications Chair Osmo Anttalainen 
13:30-13:25 Breath analysis: gas chromatography ion mobility spectrometry is fit for purpose, but are our methods? C.L. Paul Thomas 
13:25-13:50 Chareacteristic changes in VOC emission by mammalian cells used in bioprocesses Jens Langejuergen 
13:50-14:15 Tissue classification from DMS measurements with convolutional neural networks Anna Anttalainen 
14:15-13:40 Combining ion moiblitys techniques with infrared and luminescenece sensing for breath analysis L. Tamina Hagemann 
14:40-14:50  ISIMS Business - Election results  Hartwig Schmidt 
14:50-15:00  ISIMS 2020 Herb Hill 
15:00-15:15  Closing Remarks