ISIMS 2019 Wednesday July 31

8:00-12:00 Poster Session/Vendor exhibition Chair: Ansgar T. Kirk
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-18:00 Networking event  
18:00 - 22:00 Conference dinner





Investigation of the Mobility Shift of Isotopologues in a High Kinetic Energy Ion Mobility Spectrometer

Schäfer, Christoph

Differential mobility analysis of submicron particles using IR-MALDI as ionisation method

Chris Prüfert

Comparing the established ionization techniques, radioactive 63Ni ionization and UV photoionization, with a new plasma ionization source on a GC-FAIMS system using two different methods of chemical gas standard generation

Fabian Ude

Ion mobility of isotopologues of several alcohols and alkanes in ultra-high-resolution ion mobility spectrometry

Christian-Robert Raddatz
#5 Extending the Golay Equation for Coupling a Gas Chromatograph to a Drift Tube IMS Kobelt, Tim
#6 Non-radioactive ion source for an ion mobility spectrometer Oliver Hecht

A study of the reactant ion population generated by corona discharge ionization in air using High Kinetic Energy Ion Mobility Spectrometry (HiKE-IMS)

Maria Allers
#8 Compositions and structures of sodium chloride nanocrystal ions with bromide ion impurity Misaizu, Fuminori
#9 Design and application of preamplifier for the ion mobility spectrometry Huaiwen Cang
#10 Miniaturized Ion Mobility Spectrometer Coupled to Gas Chromatograph with Bundled Columns Ahrens, André
#11 Application of a New Non-Radioactive Field Emission based Electron Source in Ion Mobility Spectrometry Wendt, Cornelius
#12 Non-radioactive electron source based on a field emitter array Bachmann, Michael
#13 Improved Electronics for a Compact Ultra-Fast Switching Ion Mobility Spectrometer Moritz Hitzemann
#14 Rapid Prototyping of Unibody Ion Mobility Drift Cells Brian C. Hauck
#15 A High Performance Dual Polarity Ion Mobility Spectrometer with Non-Radioactive Ionization Source Lippmann, Martin
#16 Determination of the mobility coefficient based on data obtained with differential mobility spectrometer Monika Wiśnik-Sawka

The transimpedance ion current amplifier
for bipolar ion mobility spectrometer

Shaltaeva Yulia
#18 Infrared Heating to Enhance Ion Desolvation for Electrospray Ion Mobility Spectrometry Nathan W. Buzitis
#19 High resolution ESI-APPI ion mobility spectrometer Christian Thoben
#20 Chemotype Verification and Contaminant Monitoring of Agricultural Herbs using IMS with UV Ionization Savino Sguera
#21 Novel approach for contactless detection of energetic materials Hannes Ewert
#22 Towards a portable nano-HPLC-ESI-IMS - MiniLAB Christian Thoben
#23 Application of differential mobility spectrometry for detection of water pollutants Anttalainen, Osmo

Gas-water separation unit for direct monitoring of BTEX contaminated groundwater with FAIMS

Joksimoski, Sasho
#25 A linear probability model for the classification of olive oils by HS-GCxIMS Schanzmann, Hannah

Overloading an ambient temperature IMS drug detector. How much is too much – a preliminary study. 

CBC Chemical Detection Spectrometry Team
#27 Unleashing the Power from Fielded Ion Mobility Spectrometer Maggie Tam
#28 IMS Iodine monitoring of Radioiodine Therapy Shaltaeva Yulia
#29 Application of a Multi-Inlets IMS ETD in Aviation Security Changzhuo (Alex) Chen