Guest Program

The guest registration fee includes:

  • Conference Reception on Sunday evening
  • Lunch on Wednesday, July 31, if booked during registration process
  • Wednesday afternoon: Networking event - Hannover Adventure Zoo
  • Wednesday evening: Conference Dinner
  • Public transportation ticket for 5 days to reach most of the sights of Hannover

Guests are getting the opportunety to join different trips to sights in and around Hannover, like to the Marienburg Castle, a neo-Gothic monument near Hannover or the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. You can sign up for the individual trips during the conference reception, where small presentation about the tours will also be given.

Since you can sign up individually, admission is not included in the guest rate.

Date Guest registration
Sunday July 28 Registration Reception
Wednesday July 31


Conference Dinner

Friday August 02

Trip to Hamburg.

The price is not included in the registration fee.
For more information, see Info for Visitors (will be available soon).