Title Author(s) Presented at

From the grievouness of War: The transition from

ionization detectors to ion mobility spectrometers in

detection of vapros in ambient atmosphere (link)

Abigail Eiceman

22nd ISIMS Conference,

Boppard, Germany 2013

Surface Potential Detector to the Chemical Agent Monitor

(CAM): THe development of nerve agent detectors in 

England from 1970 to 1981 (link)

Abigail Eiceman

23rd ISIMS Conference, Asheville,

North Carolina, USA, 2014

Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Poland (link) Jaroslaw Puton

26th ISIMS Conference,

Warsaw, Poland 2017

Detecting the "Handiwork of Terrorism":

The history of geopolitical motivation and

technolgical development of the PD trace

vapour detectors for exposives during the Troubles (link)

Abigail Eiceman

10th Trace Explosives

Detection Workshop,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 2018

People in the Historical Development

of Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Canada (link)

Maggie Tam, Reno DeBono

Gary Eiceman, Herber H. Hill Jr

Lena Kim, Matthew Matyjaszczyk,

Erkinjon Nazarov, Dao Nguyen,

Pierre Pilon, Govindaunny Thekkadath

27th ISIMS Conference,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2018

The development of IMS in Germany (link)

Helko Borsdorf on behalf of the German IMS community

28th ISIMS conference, Hannover, Germany 2019

A tribute to James Ephraim Lovelock on the hundredth birthday anniversary (link)

Jaroslaw Puton

28th ISIMS conference, Hannover,

Germany 2019